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This page contains links and information about devotee businesses, with the thought that other devotees may want to help support them. It is in no way an endorsement or statement of the quality or reliability of the business represented, but merely a collection of "business cards" and links. If you have a devotee business that you would like to include, please click here and complete the form.


Supreme Swan - Inspiring Gifts for the DevoteeLahiri Mahasaya painting
Phil & Maria Gray


Supreme Swan is the result of the striving of many devotees of Paramahansa Yogananda. It is the fulfillment of a vision that has taken several years to bring to fruition - beautiful and uplifting items made by members of Self-Realization Fellowship from various parts of the world, brought together and made available for all devotees. Please enjoy browsing...

SRF Center Marble Altar Gold Spiritual Eye SRF Jewelry Set Spiritual Eye 15 inch Banat ban jai Lahiri Mahasaya

Arjuna Card Game
Teri Harbour

In today's busy, digitized world, Arjuna offers a portable, non-electronic way to conquer the battle of everyday stress and become the victor of your own inner journey!
The Arjuna Card Game is inspired by Arjuna, the archer-hero of the epic Bhagavad Gita. Each card offers an activity that strengthens mind, body or soul. Activities are designed for individual or group play.

The backs of each card are puzzle pieces for building a beautiful mandala while you play.

For most ages. Made in America.

Meditation or other products

The idea came to me in a dream last summer and since evolved much over the subsequent months and has recently been printed. My friend, Indu, who introduced me to SRF a few years ago, was the graphic designer for the cards while I created the content.


"None of the talents which are hidden like buried treasure in every person must be left untapped." (Learning: The Treasure Within, UNESCO, 1996)

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Arjuna Card Game - Click for a larger image Arjuna Card Game Cards - Click for a larger image Arjuna Card Game Back- Click for a larger image

SRF - Yogananda Magnetic Art

I am a Kriyaban with the Sedona AZ group and have been selling the magnets to the Phoenix Temple since last year and they have done very well.

So I am wondering if devotees from other parts of the country would also be interested.

I don't have a website of my own although I do have an Etsy site. On Etsy, the magnets are $3.00 each to compensate for their fees.

For SRF members, I wanted to discount them at the wholesale price of $2.50 each. (At the Phoenix Temple bookroom they retail for $5.00) .

They are approximately 3" by 2-1/2", and are laminated and have a full magnetic backing. I ask for a minimum order of four plus shipping.

Brother at the Phoenix Temple asked me if I would also make Car & Home Altars, and they have become the biggest sellers. They are also laminated but onto heavy poster board with velcro on the back. They come in two sizes:
Small: 4" x 2 ½" $4.00 #500
Large: 5" x 3" $8.00 #501

Presently, payment is accepted through using my email:, or by check/money order. I ask for a minimum order of three or four.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

In Divine Friendship,
Rose Damour

  Images, Click on each one for a larger view

Magnetic Art Image - Click for a larger view   Magnetic Art Image - Click for a larger view Magnetic Art Image - Click for a larger view

Magnetic Art Image - Click for a larger view Magnetic Art Image - Click for a larger view Magnetic Art Image - Click for a larger view Magnetic Art Image - Click for a larger view Magnetic Art Image - Click for a larger view Magnetic Art Image - Click for a larger view
Magnetic Art Image - Click for a larger view Magnetic Art Image - Click for a larger view Magnetic Art Image - Click for a larger view Magnetic Art Image - Click for a larger view Magnetic Art Image - Click for a larger view Magnetic Art Image - Click for a larger view
Magnetic Art Image - Click for a larger view Magnetic Art Image - Click for a larger view Magnetic Art Image - Click for a larger view Magnetic Art Image - Click for a larger view Magnetic Art Image - Click for a larger view Magnetic Art Image - Click for a larger view
Magnetic Art Image - Click for a larger view Magnetic Art Image - Click for a larger view Magnetic Art Image - Click for a larger view Magnetic Art Image - Click for a larger view Magnetic Art Image - Click for a larger view Magnetic Art Image - Click for a larger view
Magnetic Art Image - Click for a larger view Magnetic Art Image - Click for a larger view Magnetic Art Image - Click for a larger view Magnetic Art Image - Click for a larger view    

Jai Guru,
Rose Damour



The Divine Gypsy
Julianne Posco


The Divine Gypsy is a company where Spirit meets style. Created by a long time devotee of Paramahansa Yogananda, The Divine Gypsy is a spiritually minded, fashion savvy company that designs and produces everyday items that serve as fun, stylish reminders of God and Guru. Yogananda and the spiritual path that he established inspire the brand name, designs and products.

Antiques Dealer


Antique tables supplier in UK offers farmhouse tables, refectory tables, antique dining tables and antique kitchen tables like antique oak tables, trestle tables, cherry tables, ash tables, elm tables, fruitwood tables, chestnut tables and walnut tables. Other antique furniture and antique furniture restoration service also available.

Finding the Guru video

A film about Paramahansa Yogananda

Dawn Of A New Day

Helping you find the next step on your journey...

Products that support a healthy mind, body, spirit and planet.

Craig Dockter

Here is a great online Natural Food Supplement Resource. I save an average of 40 to 50% off the normal retail price I would have paid at a retail store like Whole Foods. Shipping is free with at least a $40.00 purchase.

Whole food supplements are very expensive. I have saved a lot of money, for years, on name brand supplements shopping online at iherb.


Mention code: DOC593 and receive $5.00 off your first order.

Craig Dockter

From the iherb site:

For twelve years, iHerb has striven to enhance your online shopping experience. Initially, our company promoted the benefits of St. John's Wort. Hence the name: iHerb. It is now a world-class online store, supplying a vast selection of brand name natural products. We believe iHerb offers the best overall value, period! Our success and very existence are dependent on the repeat orders and word-of-mouth recommendations of loyal, satisfied customers.

With the advanced e-commerce platform, plus our 48,000 sq. ft. Irwindale warehouse (almost 3X as big as before), you'll find:

Features to make your online ordering safer, faster and more pleasant. Over 600 well-known, respected brands. Over 16,000 products.

We are confident you'll find iHerb to be your first choice for quality, price, reliability and convenience--on every effortless order.

If you are in the vicinity of Irwindale, California, feel free to stop by the iHerb retail store at 15710 Arrow Highway, Irwindale, Ca, 91706.

Master’s blankets

Brief history:

It has been years since we first presented Sri Daya Mata with Master’s meditation blankets and she gave us her blessing to serve by manufacturing this devotional tool. The original blanket was made for my personal use and was seen by nuns at convocation. After chasing me down, the nuns insisted I go straight away to the gift shop and ask if they would distribute them for the devotees. The gift shop management was very interested and encouraging--later I found out how difficult it is for devotees to have their products carried by SRF--so it was truly meant to be and I now know Master was orchestrating this and guiding my steps .

Since such time our Indian “daughter” oversees the making of these beautiful, hand-made,100% pure prewashed silk, and 100% wool blankets in Master’s native land of India. I must divulge that we went through at least a half a dozen factories to insure the blankets were not made in a sweat shop and everyone was properly paid. We thought such a devotional sacred tool must come together in a harmonious fair trade environment.

The blankets are made precisely to Paramahansa Yogananda's specifications and designed in consultation with nuns and original devotees. The result is the most luxurious meditation blanket and carrier available. (I have a great photo of Brother Bimalananda walking the halls of convocation with the blanket carrier over his shoulder.) Master’s blankets are sold in the SRF Lake Shrine and Encinitas Gift Shops, and available from, on-line from,, and Available in two colors: Deep Blue and Rich Saffron ­ the monastic SRF colors.


The purpose for creating MASTER’S MEDITATION BLANKET & CARRIER STRAP was inspired by Paramahansa Yogananda, one of the great spiritual figures of our time. His instructions for creating an environment for meditation include the following suggestions: Choose a quiet place, sit in a straight-back armless chair that preferably faces east. Place a 100% woolen blanket, that may also be covered with 100% silk, over your meditation chair and allow the fabric to run under your feet. “The silk and the wool insulate your body against earth currents, so that their opposite magnetic pull will not impede the flow of the life current and consciousness, which you are trying to draw upward through the spinal centers to the higher centers of divine consciousness in the brain.” Precisely following this advice led to creating a meditation blanket that rolls up easily and slips into its carrier strap you then place over your shoulder. (Our intentions were to create this sacred tool and make it convenient and affordable for all devotees. We were also asked to design Master’s blankets so they will fit the seats at convocation and temple.)

Master’s blankets

Designed by Mukunda Imports
Made in India

Temple with Meditation Blankets
(click photo to enlarge)

Meditation blanket shown with carrier
(click photo to enlarge)

Brother Bimalananda with
Meditation Blanket
(click photo to enlarge)


Shaklee Products

Jane Cox

Register for $250 Free Shaklee Products drawing by cllicking here:
enter this password: LE96642 and follow prompts.

Martin Chemicals LLC.

Environmentally Safe Biodegradable Industrial Chemical Products For Manufacturing.

Move into the 21st Century with your Manufacturing Process!
A full line of Cutting & Grinding Fluids, Rust Removers, Rust Protection, Cleaners for Industry.

Vist our web: for more detailed information and contacts.

Martin Chemicals has always been focused on the environmental side of industry. For our entire existence we have strived to produce products that enhance the environment instead of harming it.

"Mother Earth has given us life and the means to sustain it and even now nurtures us. We should honor her, and like good children, protect her from harm as she grows older."

- Richard P. Martin Sr., Founder

Would love to reach out to all Devotees who own or who wish to start or work at a manufacturing company. As a family owned and run chemicals company, we are all Chemists with 55 years of hard earned experience. We can advise on how to update and apply the most advance technology in Chemistry for the benefit of the Earth and the manufacture. Our synthetic products will reduce waste, increase production, and simplify your process to production.

Come share our expertise on how you can reduce or eliminate hazardous paperwork, lower insurance costs, improve quality and simplify production. Environmental Enhancement Through Chemistry!

Our web is:

Phone: 215-634-6300
Fax: 215-634-6581

Inside Look · LA's Conscious Magazine by Mike Williams

Inside Look is LA's Conscious Magazine. Published bimonthly, we focus on spiritual, holistic, and green topics in an effort to inspire people to live more conscious lifestyles, and look inside of themselves.

Fellow devotees: Please contact me for a 20% discount on any ad in our next issue. Jai Guru!


Premium Hand Made Aromatics at The Gravestore, by Chris Graves

We sell PREMIUM hand made aromatics. Incense sticks and cones, Home Fragrance Oils, Body Oils, Perfumes, Colognes, Eau de

Soil Block Gardening by Jason Beam

The world's resource for soil block gardening using soil block makers, or soil blockers. Business includes loads of free information on the subject of soil blockers found no where else on earth. Also, sales of the soil blockers and consultations for large commercial farmers. The business is dedicated to ecological farming and spiritual gardening using simple biological methods.

The DrinkACT Opportunity

Join the Energy Revolution, try it, feel it, love it!

It's the world's first all natural, healthy, "Feel Good" energy drink! Increases mental focus & alertness.

Success Stories, what others are saying about DrinkACT business:

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If you understand the significance of being in the right place, at the right time, in the Right Business, call 702 372-9314 immediately or simply reply to, to build together a global business, already in 42 countries! DrinkACT Business Overview,

Great Recorded Call: 1-212-990-6446.

Special bonus incentives for experienced entrepreneurs and sales pros.

With Gratitude & Appreciation, Sandu
Jai Guru!

Sandu “ALEX” Crivineanu
Independent DrinkACT Dealer

DrinkACT Business Overview, Great Recorded Call: 1-212-990-6446

Huckleberry Cards

Bright, colorful photographs from nature, printed on matte paper, make up more than 50 designs to choose from. Some include inspirational quotes, including quotes from Paramahansa Yogananda.

Nature, for me, as for many, is a place to find solace and balance, to connect with a deeper part of myself while feeling closer to the Divine. Challenged by a life changing health crisis, part of my healing journey has been to “capture” in photographs moments when Nature particularly draws my attention, and find creative ways to share those images with friends and family. I am fortunate to live on forested property in Washington state with my husband Mike, ducks, chickens, and many wild critters. Surrounded by the multifaceted gifts of the earth - the beauty of flowers, antics of animals, songs of birds, and grandeur of trees - creative opportunities and inspiration change with the seasons.

These home crafted cards began as gifts for friends. I hope you find in these cards the beauty, inspiration and whimsy that Nature has to offer.

Click on an image to enlarge
Tulips Dragonfly

Karen KeanAlkaline Ionized Water making machines
Karen Kean


Web sites:
Ion Ways
Glyco Radio

Alkaline Ionized Water making machines

Impacting the Lives of Millions through Global Wellness Solutions

Nick Hodgson focuses on making customised nine gem bangles or starter bangles for those interested in using the unusual electro -magnetic radiations of specific gemstones to lessen ones karmic weaknesses. Some believe Swami Sri Yukteswar wore his nine gem bangle as an example to other yogis who may want to take advantage this benign science. To supplement weakened environmental and astrological conditions, gemstones touching the skin can nullify or mitigate negative karma. Read teh Outwitting the Stars chapter in the Autobiography of a Yogi to refresh yourself on the wonderfull powers of gemstones and feel welcome to fill out the form for a free emailed sixteen page vedic horoscope. The largest collection of very well priced high quality color photos of the Gurus. Based in Encinitas and serving the world with spiritual art by mail order or pickup.

One Group

One group is a devotee founded company.

World’s first company that makes - Certified Organic skincare, hair care, oral care, health care and cosmetic products.

No synthetic chemicals in the products. Miessence® is currently the only skin care product on the planet that has submitted to, and complies with, the rigorous processing and labelling requirements for certified organic food products.

To buy products please visit my website:

To find out about optimal products for your needs or enquire about a great opportunity to start your own home business -- Please call me, Lalita Subas at 925-296-0351 or send e-mail to

Transfer Factor (health product - no guarantees or endorsements are made by

After struggling for years with 'fibromyalgia' I found relief with 'transfer factor'. Extracted from colostrum and egg yolk by a patented process, it is a small molecule made of amino acids. Given by the mother to the child through breast milk shortly after birth, this messenger molecule educates the child's immune system. Transfer factor molecule is the same in most animals. Transfer factor helps immune system to identify and fight harmful pathogens, helps the immune system to identify and remove abnormal body cells, prevents immune system from attacking healthy body cells the cause of autoimmune disorders, prevents immune systems excess response to dust and pollen leading to allergies, and by boosting the immune system reduces uncontrolled inflammation the cause of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, gum disease, alzheimer's etc. Stay healthy by keeping your immune system strong.

Listed in the PDR for 2007.

Please call 1-866-315-4002 toll free for information. For more information or to get Transfer Factor please call me at 925-296-0351 or e-mail

Disclaimer: This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Email Rajan Bajaj

Items: customized handmade paper stationary like note pads, letter heads, diadies etc. & devotional items like Incense sticks decorated clay lamps with/without wax.

Easy Book Clip

Florence Halstead
3020 El Cerrito Plaza, #189
El Cerrito, CA 94530
510 237-2828
Fax: 510 237-7912

Pocket-sized book holder designed by devotee - over 10,000 sold

Keeps your book open so that it can stand up by itself. Frees your hands for studying, eating, cooking, treadmill, or working at the computer. Makes it more comfortable to read while traveling or reclining (no more pretzel fingers!). Works for paperback and hardbound books. $4.95 each - money back guarantee if not satisfied.

Dhyana Incenses
Email Ramesh Gupta

Spiritual Supplies. I produce incense sticks, not the ordinary ones. I am a mechanical engineer having graduated from Germany but then switched over to "The study of alternative sciences and its impact on the mind with special reference to aromas".

My address is:

Ramesh Gupta

S-717 Manipal Center, South Block
47 Dickenson Road
Bangalore 560 042

Sivana Spirit (Formerly called T-Shirt Planet)

Clothing, books, art, jewelry, music and more

Aum Creations
Email Aum Creations

We are a small Internet-based business run entirely by two Kriyabans. We handmake spiritual and meditation supplies and products. We also have a very extensive area on called Cosmic Connections, where we disseminate information about spirituality.

Please come by the site and check us out.

Laurine Ark
Barbara Baldwin
Aum Creations Art, Screen Printing, Books, and More
Aum Creations Spiritual and Meditation Supplies and Products

Mary Kay Cosmetics

If you are in need of a guaranteed great present and would like to help a devotee get to convocation, please consider the
following web site:

On that site you will find skin care, cosmetics, and great gift ideas for every budget, and every single product is guaranteed, and comes with an Independent Beauty Consultant: me! I can help you from anywhere, by email, web site, telephone, and I send samples to you, if you would like to try things out.

Judy Faust